Clashes mar return of fallujah residents after security forces take control of Al-Shadadiya

Clashes mar return of fallujah residents after security f바카라 커뮤니티orces take control of Al-Shadadiya

An Iraqi soldier and two civilians were killed when Iraqi forces attacked an Al-Qaeda cell plotting an attack on Sunni Muslim militants in Fallujah in a push against IS militants there, a military spokesman said.

The attack happened on Sunday as the security forces held the group at an apartment building, after capturing the building,바카라 추천 사이트 his office said.

“The terrorists were planning an attack at around 1am (0700 GMT) this morning against the security forces in Al-Shadadiya neighborhood where the army is keeping them hostage,” said Brigadier General Muammer Zebari, a spokesman for the provincial governor.

“A team of about three dozen soldiers stormed into the building and killed all of them. The next day, two of their families received death threats.”

Iraqi forces have also carried out a sweeping operation in the south-west of the province, after capturing about 100 IS militants.

IS, which took over large parts of northern and eastern Iraq in 2014, has been pushing towards Baghdad, the capital of the former US ally that has since been wracked by an insurgency.

It said on Sunday it was in the process of consolidating its “caliphate” inside Iraq and Syria, following the collap서울 출장샵 se of a US-brokered peace plan.