THE ALKOBEER PROJECT – making an organic einkorn beer


The Alkobeer project focuses on organic bred einkorn wheat and on the organic einkorn beer made from it. The compliance of organic ingredients and the brewing process is certified over a batch certificate. The batch certification process covers the whole value chain starting from the breeding of modern einkorn varieties, across the receipe and technology development, the production and purchasing of row materials, the brewing and the trading process. The einkorn beer is certified organic, from the field to the bottle.

In the recent years demand for natural, high value added, health promoting foodstuffs is increasingly rising. As a result there are more and more gentle processed foodstuffs made of alternative plants appearing on the market, containing various biologically active components of verified health promoting effect. This brought einkorn wheat also into focus as a special food raw material.



The direct aim of the project was to produce a health promoting einkorn wheat-based beer with high biological value. However, the overall goal of the project was to develop and implement a model that may be generally applied by the stakeholders of the organic food processing sector. We draw up a complex research and development concept, which is based on research in plant biology and genetics and offers solution for the technological and development issues concerning plant breeding, seed production, large-scale crop production, industrial raw material production, processing and brewing industry. We implemented this in such a way that all the elements of the development chain are in compliance with the requirements of organic certification and traceability.


  • organic breeding and maintenance of newly bred organic einkorn lines
  • development of organic crop production technologies for the einkorn wheat
  • adaptation of pest control-, and storage-techniques for organic grain stockage
  • adaptation of malting and brewing technologies to the organic standards
  • development of production control process and batch certification model



Centre for Agricultural Research, 
Hungarian Academy of Sciences,
Martonvásár (

 Mária Megyeri, research associate
 tel/phone: +36 22 569-525

Corvinus University of Budapest,
Faculty of Food Science, Department of Brewing and Distilling, Budapest (HU)

 Beáta Hegyesiné dr. Vecseri, senior lecturer, associate professor,
 assistant dean for education and QM
 tel/phone: +36 1 482 60 40

Körös-Maros Biofarm Kft.,
Gyula (HU)

 Zsolt Ráki, corporate member
 tel/phone:  +36 66 460 914

Biokontroll Hungária Nonprofit Kft.,
Budapest  (HU)

 Zsolt Kanyó, projectmanager
 tel/phone:  +36 30 619 69 29


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